La Galerie Marquette, Viewable from the sidewalk on Baldwin St.

La Galerie Marquette – 414 s. Baldwin st. Madison, WI

La Galerie Marquette(LGM) is a pop up gallery in the Marquette Hotel in Madison WI. Exhibiting art during the pandemic.

Curated by internationally exhibited artist Ash Kyrie; MFA-OSU, BFA-UW Madison.

La Galerie Marquette – 414 Baldwin St. Madison WI

Oct 15 – Nov 1    – Ceramic Memes, 2020

Nov1- Nov 13     – The People Shall Rule – Posters of Democracy

Nov 13 – Dec 10   – Monty Little 

Dec 10 – Jan15   – Carving out Rights – prints of universal human rights

Jan15- Feb15    *********

Feb15- March15  – Ash Kyrie – Transfers of War

March5- April15   – Amber Zora

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